The SAT and ACT are one of the major factors that institutions will consider when they are viewing your application. It’s important to get the best scores possible. Use preparation materials available to your student, as well as specialized test prep. We recommend our affiliate Konjoian Education Center. They provide comprehensive test preparation customized for your student.

2019 SAT and ACT Test Dates

2019 SAT ACT testing dates MVP College Funding

You can sign up for the SAT by registering with the College Board here. The ACT is offered by a different institution and requires a separate registration. You can initiate the process here.

We STRONGLY recommend that your student get test preparation and practice with a local center. SAT preparation classes held at your student’s high school do not provide the necessary 1 on 1 treatment for the best scores. We are happy to help you choose a program that’s right for you.

Good Luck!