College Funding Workshop

with Richard Joseph from MVP College Funding


MVP College Funding Workshop 2017

Every parent wonders how their child will be able to afford to attend college:

  • Tuition and fees rising
  • The application and acceptance landscape have become more challenging
  • No one wants to have thousands of dollars of college debt before their first professional job

What you don’t know about the College Funding Process will hurt you!

Learn how:

  • The financial aid system works and how complicated it can get
  • The Step-by-Step explanations of FAFSA, CSS Profile, SAR, Pell Grants, and Stafford Loans and when they need to be submitted
  • How your family can lower your Expected Family Contributions (EFC) legally
  • That college expenses can be paid for without dramatically changing family lifestyle
  • To qualify for maximum financial aid
  • Dispel the myth that financial aid is only for low income families
  • Students can improve their own chances of receiving significant financial aid for college
  • On average, families can save several thousand dollars in college funding expenses for each child in the family

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