Sophie Markowitz is a high school senior at Cohasset Middle/High School. Ms. Markowitz is an accomplished artist, with many awards and accomplishments to her name. She is planning to pursue a BFA in Animation. While Sophie hasn’t yet decided where she will be headed, she has put in applications to many exceptional art schools, including the California Institute of the Arts,  School of Visual Art, Maine College of Art, Laguna College of Art and Design, MassArt, Savannah College of Art and Design, and Rhode Island School of Design. We are proud to announce that, as of this date, Sophie has received an acceptance letter from the School of Visual Art in New York City.

Ms. Markowitz is a very active student, engaging in several extracurricular activities. She was on the Varsity Swim Team for 3 years. She enjoyed the exercise and the team spirit. Ms. Markowitz is a veteran of Cohasset’s high school drama department. She was one of a small team that handled the lighting, sound, staging, costoming, set design, and other crew duties. She loves the theater and hopes to continue bringing characters to life behind the scenes. Sophie continues to serve in her community as a baking assistant and counterperson at Weinburg’s Bakery.

Sophie’s dedication to her art is shown brightly by her extensive experience in art classes and workshops outside of school art education. She has taken classes in Ceramics, Animation, Painting, and Comics Illustration at South Shore Art Center, where she also volunteers.  Ms. Markowitz has attended two precollege programs at Boston’s prestigious MassArt: Figure in Two Dimensions, Experimental Animation, and Principles of Design.

Not only is she an artist, she is also a leader for children in art. Sophie has managed the Kid’s Tent during South Shore Art Center’s Arts Festival. She also volunteers as a Teacher’s Aid in their elementary school classes. Ms. Markowitz has been an active part of the Pratt Library’s Teen Advisory board throughout high school, which helps to select books and other media to be put into the lIbrary’s rotation, as well as volunteering for services for younger children.

Ms. Markowitz is the recipient of many art awards, including the MME Marine Art Contest, the Florence Arnold Memorial Award (2017, 1st place), the MME Marine Art Contest (2017, Judge’s Choice), and the South Shore Art Center Festival (1st place 2013, 2nd place 2017.) Sophie has received Honors grades in her high school classes 7 times as of this article, earning above a 3.5 GPA in every class.

Sophie has high hopes for her career. She plans to use her education and portfolio to become a Character Designer and Concept Artist for an animation studio. Her goal is to take characters she has created to the big screen in her own feature-length film. A true artist, making art and giving it to the world gives her so much joy. You can see Sophie’s portfolio on her website.

We look forward to seeing your art reach the multitudes. Best of luck, Sophie!